About Triviciti

Our Vision

We are a company that works with clients to not only weather the current COVID-19 crisis but to anticipate and plan for a future that may hold significant challenges. The firm creates, manufactures, and delivers continuously updated designs for high-quality PPE to arm, protect, and enable clients to survive and thrive in the post COVID-19 world. We provide protection in the age of pandemics.

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About Us

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Triviciti Health Corp (“Triviciti Health”) opened a new factory in Chandler, Arizona for the US manufacturing of N95 disposable face masks. Our company is led by a seasoned management team experienced in the healthcare, medical, manufacturing, supply chain, and technology sectors. We maintain strict manufacturing policies to ensure the highest possible quality level of our products and are committed to delivering products that meet or exceed 95% and above filtration standards. Our Triviciti Protec™ MK12A N95 folded respirator (the “MK12A”) is available immediately as described below, with orders being shipped on a first come first served basis.

Made in America

Our products are made in America, by Americans. We import high-quality materials to manufacture our respirators within our own facility. To ensure you receive high-quality, American made products, we inspect and test our respirators to ensure a filtration efficiency rating of 95% or higher. For more questions on our process, feel free to call or email. Contact information can be found here.